Index large quantities in order to organize data automatically and exploit data quickly.

Mergers Acquisitions data integration


For many years, the pharmaceutical industry has been in a consolidation phase in which major players merge with or acquire companies to strengthen their market position.

Mergers and acquisitions are often slowed by the challenge of assessing the value and substance of a partner’s digital data, as well as by the time and resources required to integrate large volumes of data.

Given the financial stakes, it is essential for companies to see a return on their investment as quickly as possible. This involves rapidly capitalizing on the knowledge (research projects, etc.) of the acquired companies.

Inquiro’s advanced file collection and analysis functions make it the only tool capable of accelerating the integration of such data.

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  • For a day of research to do before using Inquiro,our clients spent 15 minutes to retrieve the exact same information with Inquiro.
  • The results of 10 days of manual research were obtained in 2.5 working days, ie 96% of time saved.