Automatically collect any type of document and results to optimize data exploitation.

research data management solution


Inquiro is a software solution that enables you to collect, store and utilize all of your laboratory’s computer files.

  • It is compatible with all equipment (robotics, instruments, etc.),
  • It integrates with software you are already using in the laboratory (ELN, LIMS, etc.),
  • It serves as a central storage location for data, regardless of the file format (csv, xls, jpeg, txt, etc.),
  • It automatically extracts descriptive information from the file or third-party system (LIMS, ELN, etc.),
  • It automatically generates metadata from dictionaries,
  • It dynamically organizes unstructured data.

Inquiro works like a bridge connecting different data sources. It guarantees that all data generated by a laboratory are captured and instantly made available.

Inquiro’s automatic indexing functionality lets you store and organize unstructured data. Every file is identified and easily found by an integrated search engine. With easier access to data, users can utilize information generated by their coworkers, allowing them to unlock the full potential of digital data.

Furthermore, Inquiro’s data visualization tools highlight the relationships among files, enabling you to identify potential new avenues of research.

big data knowledge management


  • All of the various actions performed on a piece of data are recorded in Inquiro, thus ensuring traceability from the moment a file is created.
  • You can tap into all of the results generated in your laboratories.
  • With the integrated search engine, you can find all documents very quickly, so you avoid wasting time.
  • You know you will not lose a single piece of data.
  • Automatically assigned metadata make it easier to find files by key word.
  • Because Inquiro establishes correlations among files, it facilitates new discoveries and novel avenues of research.