scientific data sharing


With Inquiro, researchers can focus on solving scientific problems without having to worry about logistics.

In the case of a translational research project, or a simple internal/external collaborative project, Inquiro makes the necessary data available to all members of a project team without limits to size or format.

You can very easily perform searches and select a set of documents, and then send them to an individual or a group.

You can also configure your groups so that every recipient has access only to the data intended for that individual. This allows you to protect the confidentiality of certain information, such as patient identity, for example.

Recipients receive a notification that a user wishes to share selected documents with them.

Inquiro’s Audit Trail feature makes it possible to list the actions performed on each file (downloads, new versions, etc.).

scientific data collaboration


The metadata generator makes it easier to identify and organize all files. As a result:

  • Shared files are quickly identifiable and understood by the recipient.
  • Every shared file retains the identity of its “owner” (respect for intellectual property).
  • Traceability helps ensure regulatory compliance.
  • There is no limit to file size or file type.